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Every summer the AIGA Charlotte Board of Directors sees change. This year we have a ton of new faces and a few that you're already familiar with. Learn a little about them here, but be sure to say hello in person next time you see them at one of our events.
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by Adam Iscrupe
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Renee Brown is featured as this month's AIGA Charlotte Spotlight.
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We invite you to become more engaged with AIGA Charlotte as we begin the election process for our next Board of Directors. We are seeking dedicated design professionals with a passion for advancing our craft and strengthening our creative community. We are looking for folks who crave being involved in something much larger than their daily routines and everyday work tasks. Join our Board of Directors and you too can help mold and shape the future of AIGA Charlotte.
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Ben Gelnett, our chapter’s Finance Director, drafted a short and sweet memo that he sent to the entire board beforehand. Rather than highlight it, it can all be read here.
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Previously we highlighted our Board's newest faces, but today we'll feature our returning members. Keep in mind some of these folks have changed positions in 2013-14.
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That's right. There's definitely some talented new faces on your 2013-14 AIGA Charlotte Board. Today you'll learn a little a bit about them—plus, now you'll know their faces, so you can come right on up and say hello to them at our next event.
Uncategorized · September 17, 2013
by Patrick Saleeby
Change can be scary, but it can also be exhilarating. On behalf of AIGA Charlotte’s 2013-14 Board: for us, the glass is overflowing. We’re wildly optimistic about the changes we have in store for our members over the coming year.
Uncategorized · September 4, 2013
by Adam Iscrupe
We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently arranged to be a community sponsor for the forthcoming Blend Conference that’s taking place right here in our hometown from September 5th through the 7th.
Uncategorized · August 14, 2013
by Adam Iscrupe
July is always a bittersweet month around AIGA Charlotte HQ. We say good-bye to friends and colleagues as their terms end and they roll off the board. However, that loss is coupled by an infusion of fresh faces, ones that bring new ideas and energy to the board table.
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