Beer & Branding 2018: Showcase

Our Beer & Branding Showcase was back for its fifth year, and as expected, it masterfully mixed ice-cold beer with red-hot design.

For this event, local designers joined forces with home brewers to craft a beer that was as visually appealing as it was appetizing—and let me tell you, they totally nailed it. This year’s submissions were bigger, better, and bolder than ever (the secret ingredient may have had something to do with that…) and we’re excited to share them with you all.

So, for those of you missed it—don’t be sad, be hoppy! Below you’ll find all of the incredible 2018 Beer & Branding design submissions in one place. All that’s left to do is grab a brew (or two), kick back, and admire. Cheers!

This year’s secret ingredient: GINGER


SPF 100 | Saison
Designed by Kirk Brown

Gallowglass | Scottish Light
Designed by Ryan Freeze, Keith Phillips & Melvin Nix

Speculicious | Belgian Ale
Designed by Stephen Philpott & Eric Parks

Soulful Ginger | Trappist
Designed by Leanna MartinCukes & Dukes | American Pale Ale
Designed by Reagan MartinGinger AF | Pale Ale
Designed by Robyne Pomroy & Ashley WalkerRed-Headed Step Child | Red Ale
Designed by Karley ReedGilligan’s Dream | Pale Ale
Designed by Jason Richardson

Lady Eir’s Ginger Elixir | Pilsner
Designed by Shawn IbarrGinger Bolt | Stout
Designed by Nikki Villagomez

Captain Snazzy Pants | Blonde Ale
Designed by Ben Ullman

Brunkage | Belgian Dark
Designed by Kevin Taylor & Ben GelnettBless Your Heart | American Pale Ale
Designed by Jonathan RosenbaumDoc’s Lemon Tonic | Saison
Designed by Cynthia ClayGin Pils | Pilsner
Designed by Johnathan LaCross

Off the Wheaten Path | American Ale
Designed by Bevin DavisAngel on the Island | Kolsch
Designed by Derrek Turner, Jenny Ranary Mey & Lorena MunozA Root Awakening | Brown Ale
Designed by Ethan HillGingerjack | Amber Ale
Designed by Kimberly DiedrichGetting Juicy Wit It | Witbeir
Designed by Kay Mahon, Keri Rousey & Kelsie DeBruhlRooted | Blonde Ale
Designed by Morgan EvansBlanche De Gingembre | Belgian Witbeir
Designed by Bobby TaylorGingibiere | Trappist
Designed by Chelsea ZipperTipsy Hippy | Pale Ale
Designed by Linnea StoopsCool Melon | American Pale Ale
Designed by Johnathon JacksonZero Point | Honey Ale
Designed by Bailey Tatum, Cory Hester & Parks SalderBless Your Heart | American Pale Ale
Designed by Josh Gooch & Scott CallicuttUnderground Brown | Brown Ale
Designed by Michael Wilfong, Jacqueline Faassen & Ham HollettSPF 100 | Saison
Designed by Tony Alvarez

Victory Monday | Saison
Designed by Chris CuretonRooted | Blonde Ale
Designed by Nick SignetOh Sweet Ginger | Ale
Designed by Scott Brinkley & Daniel BrennemanOh Ginger Snap! | Belgian Dark
Designed by Leigh Anne Carter & Jolenna Mapes

Off the Wheaten Path | American Ale
Designed by Christian ArnderLatis Leisure | Milk Stout
Designed by Elizabeth MathisKulika Jinja! | Pale Ale
Designed by David & Amber BentonGinger Blossom Blonde | Blonde Ale
Designed by Reita FisherGingerella | American Pale Ale
Designed by Hala DumariehI Want to Know What Plum Is | English Mild
Designed by Ben Elrod & Jen CousarTake Me Out | Blonde Ale
Designed by Kimmi & Dustin Robertson

Queen City Mule | Sour Ale
Designed by Libby PortisRed Ginger Ale | Red Ale
Designed by Caroline Kerrigan


Eyes on the Prhizome | Saison
Designed by Chris Jones

By aigacharlotte
Published October 16, 2018