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by Katie Hodges
Nick Signet is a Sr. Designer for Brighthouse Financial, formerly MetLife's U.S. Retail division. When he's not designing, he's always willing to try a new beer, go see a concert, or discover a new restaurant. Check out this Membership Spotlight to get to know him a little better.
Member Spotlight · April 28, 2017
by Katie Hodges
Rachel Martin, Design Director at Rachel Martin Design, A Sustainable + Socially Responsible Design Studio. Rachel has been an AIGA member since 1998 and lives in Charlotte, NC.
Member Spotlight · March 28, 2017
by Katie Hodges
If you missed last week's event, we kind of feel sorry for you. Danielle Evan's talk was incredible, inspiring and filled with lots laughs and some pretty sick dance moves. What can we say? She left us hungry for more (pun intended). Because Danielle gave such incredible presentation, it makes my job of recapping it for you even harder, but I'll do my best! So pull up a seat, grab a your fave drink and get ready to be inspired.
Event Recap · March 24, 2017
by Katie Hodges
#buildsomething is the mantra of the coworking community at Industry. It's a call to all creators to build something, anything, to make the world a better place. At AIGA we're pretty big fans of Industry, so when owner, Tyler Ford, asked us if we could call on Charlotte artists to help build a skate deck gallery for Industry, we were totally in!
Event Recap · March 7, 2017
by Katie Hodges
Behind every great AIGA chapter there are even greater partners. Without the support of incredible local businesses we wouldn’t be able to put on all of the awesome events that we do! With our #BuildSomething Event coming up, we thought it was a great opportunity to introduce you to our partner, Industry Coworking.
Partnership Spotlight · February 27, 2017
by Katie Hodges
Mike Malkovas is a paper engineer/pop-up creator over at Mike designs pop-ups and packaging for over 25 years for different clients both in Europe and US. From simple greeting cards to a complex multi-staged model of an airport, Mike's designs are something you'll want to see.
Member Spotlight · February 15, 2017
by Katie Hodges
One of the most compelling aspects of design is that it is difficult to define. It does not fit into a specific mold or adhere to a certain job description. For many creatives, design is not just a skill set, it's a means by which they explore the world around them. Last Wednesday five of Charlotte's most creative minds shared their journeys through design. Didn't make it? Catch up here.
Event Recap · January 25, 2017
by Katie Hodges
Once again AIGA and AAF joined forces to throw our Annual Donations & Libations fundraiser for Classroom Central. This year's theme was #beUgly and boy was it! Everyone pulled out their tackiest, funniest and most over-the-top sweaters and a great time was had by all. By the end of the night we had a box full of school supplies and $300 ready to be donated. So just in case you missed out, here's a few photo recap for your viewing pleasure.
Event Recap · December 21, 2016
by Katie Hodges
Incredibly talented, unapologetically passionate and daring designer are all words that describe the amazing Kelli Anderson.
Event Recap · November 28, 2016
by Philip Caoile
A beautiful November night was the proverbial "icing on the cake" for this year's Mentor Matchup kickoff event hosted at Village Tavern.
Event Recap · November 9, 2016
by Katie Hodges
Punkin' Rock, Pump-casso and Exskulliber, OH MY! For the eighth straight year Charlotte Creatives carved up for a good cause and once again, it was an outstanding success!
Event Recap · November 1, 2016