Photo Recap: An Evening with Titus Smith

Last Friday & Saturday, AIGA Charlotte had the pleasure of welcoming Titus Smith, senior designer at ESPN, for phenomenal, wisdom-packed, back-to-back sessions at Free Range Brewing. And as if we didn’t glean enough information during the sold-out session the night before, a group gathered the following day in that same, sunshine-filled space for Mr. Smith’s hands-on workshop. Participants interacted directly with the teacher himself, and as a thank-you for their attention & participation, each left with a one-of-a-kind ‘zine freebie.

Titus shared his top ten tips for finding success in anything you do. Ready for these super top secret nuggets of wisdom?

10. Communication is key

9. Educate yourself

8. Don’t take anything personally

7. Networking is also key

6. Find (or build) a design community

5. Rivalries make us better

4. Find what you love and own it

3. You only get better

2. We’re on the same team

1. There are no wrong decisions



A huge thank you to the man himself—Titus Smith—for taking the time & energy to impart his wisdom on each and every person who he met this past weekend. Interested in seeing what we’re up to next? Visit our Events page for more information. Thank you to our amazing sponsors: MetrographicsAdvent CoworkingThe Creative Group, and Free Range Brewing. And thank you to all of YOU who came out to spend some time with us.

By aigacharlotte
Published February 25, 2020