The Queen City Scavenger Hunts


The Queen City Scavenger Hunts, created by Susan Walker and Patrick Saleeby, are a series of postcards highlighting some of the most interesting local areas in Charlotte. Each card gives two hints about where it was taken, but it’s up to you and your friends to track down the exact spots.

The pictures were taken on a real plastic camera, with real film. There were no digital filters added to these images afterwards. The postcards are a great way to share what our city has to offer—display them, send them, give them away, and track them down. “Because if you live in Charlotte these are places you should know. But if you’re new to Charlotte these are places you should go.”

Series 01 is available now at both Common Markets, Sobo Loft Boutique and Gifts, and Ruby’s Gift, all of which are great local shops. You can also stop by the All Arts Market at the Neighborhood Theater this Friday night from 6:00-10:00 PM to meet Susan and Patrick and pick up your own set of limited edition cards. 

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By aigacharlotte
Published March 14, 2012