The March to 50: AIGA Charlotte’s Membership Drive

March is always a special month. Spring taunts us, and though she flirts we still embrace her with open arms as the cold weather gradually disappears until next year. The practice of filling brackets takes over mid-month, as collegiate teams battle for supremacy in sport’s ultimate do-or-die tournament. But in 2013 March is even more special, since your local AIGA chapter—along with its national brethren—will take part in a membership drive with the hopes of increasing local membership numbers, as well as shining the spotlight, once again, on design itself.

Now that the new membership levels have settled in (see our video from last fall that explains the new structure), everyone knows that there’s no better time to become an AIGA Charlotte member, and that you’ve never had more options to do so. That’s why your Queen City chapter has set the bar high—at 50—for this year’s goal for new members.

“The March to 50” takes place the full month of March (obviously) and our goal is to receive 50 commitments from brand-spanking new members. Of course, we can only do this with the help of our current membership. So tell a friend, use your social media sway, or scream it from a mountaintop. But you have to do more than simply spread the word that we’re having a membership drive. You must spread the word about what you love the most about AIGA, and how it’s benefitted you personally.

Throughout the month we’ll keep you posted on our progress. And our drive will culminate on Thursday, March 28 with a special Meet Market event entitled “Bowling for Members.” For this event AIGA Charlotte members are encouraged to bring a non-member friend to bowl, eat, or simply rub shoulders with fellow creatives. We certainly hope to see you all there—and to receive your support throughout the month.

By aigacharlotte
Published February 27, 2013