Meet Your Returning AIGA Charlotte Board Members (Again)

Each summer the AIGA Charlotte Board of Directors undergoes a transition. Some faces change, while others remain the same. The group below are the faces that will remain the same, staying on for another year to serve your local chapter for another term. Today you can learn a little more about them—but don’t hesitate to speak to them at person next time you see them at an event.

Adam Iscrupe

Name: Adam Iscrupe
Board Position: President
Day Job: Sr. Web Designer at Red Ventures
Sneaky Skill: Can identity most typefaces in seconds
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: BuzZ
Social: @adamiscrupe

Bree Basham

Name: Bree Basham
Board Position: VP of Programming
Day Job: Creative Director at CRAFTED
Sneaky Skill: I can turn water into red wine
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: GUTS!
Social: @breeb22

Patrick Saleeby

Name: Patrick Saleeby
Board Position: VP of Communications
Day Job: Freelance Copywriter and Partner at SQ + CC
Sneaky Skill: Good for a joke or a choke
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: Letterpress Fest
Social: @thepistolball

Ryan Hollingsworth

Name: Ryan Hollingsworth
Board Position: Partnership Director
Day Job: Design + Communications Director, Elevation Church
Sneaky Skill: 6th grade science fair runner-up
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: GUTS
Social: @ryansworth

John Fuller

Name: John Fuller
Board Position: Design For Good Director
Day Job: Principal Designer at Phoenixfire Solutions
Sneaky Skill: Expert at cutting and pasting
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: BuzZ
Social: @phoenixfire8383

Leigh Anne Zeitouni

Name: Leigh Anne Zeitouni
Board Position: Secretary
Day Job: Graphic Designer at SnapAV
Sneaky Skill: I can touch my tongue to my nose
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: Mentor Matchup
Social: @lezeitou@32LAZ

Clare Lucas

Name: Clare Lucas
Board Position: Programming Manager
Day Job: Independent Design Consultant/Art Director
Sneaky Skill: Formidable Knowledge of Celebrity Trivia
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: Meet Market
Social: @clarevivaslucas

Sandi Deitrich

Name: Sandi Deitrich
Board Position: Communications Manager
Day Job: Graphic Designer at BOLTgroup
Sneaky Skill: Making up songs to sing to my pets
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: Beer & Branding
Social: @sdeitrich

Justin Mooore

Name: Justin Moore
Board Position: Programming Manager
Day Job: Owner/Creative Director Sublmnl Design
Sneaky Skill: Can read/speak backwards fluently
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: GUTS
Social: @jmooredsgns, @sublmnldesign

By aigacharlotte
Published August 19, 2015