Reintroducing AIGA Charlotte’s Returning Board Members

Previously we highlighted our Board’s newest faces, but today we’ll feature our returning members. Keep in mind some of these folks have changed positions in 2013-14.

Kevin Brindley

Name: Kevin Brindley

Board Position: President

Day Job: Dedicated Husband and Dedicated Father at Home, Creative Director at Work By Kevin, Chief Creative Muscle at Appsy LLC (developers of Craftie™ Beer App), and Designer & Wannabe Storm Chaser.

Sneaky Skill: I have a few. I can make a great tasting glass of water, I have a knack for mowing patterns into our lawn, and I regularly use Oxford commas.

Primary AIGA Aim for 2013-14: I’m focused on working hard this year with our other Board Members to help increase conversation within our local Charlotte creative community, provide a higher level of engaging programs, strive for greater participation at events, and continue to support our members in the very best way possible.


Social: @KevinBrindleyFacebookLinkedInGoogle +Dribbble
Kimberly Diedrich

Name: Kimberly Diedrich

Board Position: VP of Programming

Day Job: Graphic Designer at Jack Henry & Associates

Sneaky Skill: Sous-chef in training

Primary AIGA Aim for 2013-14: To apply our new “less is more” approach, which puts our focus into quality programming.


Social: @kimdiedrich, LinkedIn
Patrick Saleeby

Name: Patrick Saleeby

Board Position: VP of Communications

Day Job: Freelance Copywriter and Partner in Suzie Q and the Clapping Cobra

Sneaky Skill: I am a two-stripe purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Primary AIGA Aim for 2013-14: To provide engaging and streamlined content across all of our communications channels.


Social: @sqandthecc, Facebook, LinkedIn
Adam Iscrupe

Name: Adam Iscrupe

Board Position: Communications Manager

Day Job: Web Designer and Front-End Developer at The Idea People

Sneaky Skill: I’m deadly accurate with a frisbee. I have 5 hole-in-ones playing disc golf.

Primary AIGA Aim for 2013-14: Launching, maintaining and updating the new AIGA Charlotte website, blog, e-blast, social media and other communications.


Social: @adamiscrupe
Elisha Fleck

Name: Elisha Fleck

Board Position: Secretary

Day Job: Graphic Artist at JournalBooks

Sneaky Skill: I make a mean blueberry pecan pancake.

Primary AIGA Aim for 2013-14: To continue extending our reach in the Charlotte creative community to show that AIGA is more than just a “graphic designer’s club.”


Social: @elisha_fleckTumblr
John Fuller

Name: John Fuller

Board Position: Design for Good Director

Day Job: Principal Designer at Phoenixfire Solutions

Sneaky Skill: Copious amounts of useless knowledge

Primary AIGA Aim for 2013-14: Community impact through Design for Good Projects, as well as fostering an increased sense of community within the design professions.


Social: @phoenixfire8383
Ben Gelnett

Name: Benjamin Arthur Gelnett

Board Position: Finance Director

Day Job: Business Development Liaison for Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein

Sneaky Skill: Being a rad dad. It’s not one of those things that you go around telling people but I tend to think of myself as all in when it comes to parenting. Whatever it takes to make healthy, happy and well rounded human beings. More times than not it ends with me on the floor being assaulted by enthusiastic toddlers. Mission complete!

Primary AIGA Aim for 2013-14: Making sure the bills get paid, writing as many articles as possible and continuing to shape agenda.


Social: @bengelnett
Mark Burrell

Name: Mark Burrell

Board Position: Sponsorship Director

Day Job: Account Manager at Boingo Graphics

Sneaky Skill: I’m incredibly good at making terrible jokes. I love any kind of pun or play on words. So you can count on me to try to make a joke, just don’t count on it being funny.

Primary AIGA Aim for 2013-14: Increase the number of AIGA Charlotte sponsors.


Social: @MarrrrkFacebook, LinkedInInstagram

By aigacharlotte
Published September 23, 2013