Photo Recap: Rags To Slightly Nicer Rags

The Half and Half’s Sara Thomas joined AIGA Charlotte this past Wednesday evening for an interesting lecture that touched on topics ranging from her shop’s history, inspiration, and rebrand. After discussing how varying music icons such as Madonna and Black Flag influenced her teenage years—and obviously led to an interest in album art and gig posters—Sara discussed the challenges of moving offices and rebranding her business.

Like many great success stories, the phrase “it happened organically” was used early and often. But at the end of the day, all of the growing pains were certainly worth it. Sara was kind enough to bring our members a ton of free posters (that were gobbled up), and she also offered a killer Queen City t-shirt for only 15 bones.

In honor of her brief sojourn up from Columbia, SC, here’s a photo recap of yet another memorable AIGA Charlotte event.

Ryan Hollingsworth on the streets of Charlotte
AIGA Charlotte’s Ryan Hollingsworth braves the dangerous QC streets to ensure our members find safe passage.

Member Check-in
AIGA Charlotte’s Justin Moore and Mark Iafrate share in pre-event excitement while volunteer Leigh Anne Zeitouni keeps her head to the grindstone.

Sara Thomas - The Half & Half
In an almost-full Stage Door Theater, AIGA Charlotte’s Adam Iscrupe introduces Sara Thomas of The Half and Half.

Sara Thomas - The Half & Half
With Sara living in Columbia, of course there was a shout-out to the Ol’ Ball Coach.

Sara Thomas - The Half & Half
Such a multitasker: Adam Iscrupe mans Twitter while maintaining eye contact with our speaker.

Rags to Slightly Nicer Rags lecture crowd
As usual, our members offered up great questions during the Q&A.

The Half & Half
Sara brought plenty of posters, as well as a custom QC tee.

Sara Thomas - The Half & Half
After a lengthy process, The Half and Half settled on their new mark.

The Half & Half: The Morning After
Sara was kind enough to meet up for a Morning After event Thursday at JJ’s Red Hots.

By aigacharlotte
Published June 20, 2014