Amos Paul Kennedy Jr is an artist and letterpress printer living and working in Gordo, Alabama, a rural town 60 miles from Birmingham. His work is shocking—bold in content and aesthetic. His path to letterpress printing, an odd and winding one, is recalled and documented in the movie PROCEED & BE BOLD!

The short story goes something like this—Amos was born in Louisiana, to a family where academic achievements were highly prized. Both his parents held doctoral degrees. Amos himself excelled, and became a computer programmer. But at the age of forty, on a vacation with his family, he discovered letterpress printing. For Amos, printing was life-changing.

You’ll have to come out to AIGA Charlotte’s screening of this documentary to see the whole story. It’s a strange tale, but it’s an incredibly inspiring one. Amos’ life and views are bold, entertaining, and thought provoking. His posters, some of which you can see here, hint at the variety of his efforts. Both war and okra are worthy of his time.

His views aren’t tough to discern, either. The “frak” poster above isn’t the only version of that poster, but it’s definitely the most polite version. Amos uses words for race and sexuality, both prominent themes in his work, that most people wouldn’t normally use. 

We’re excited to be screening this documentary. We hope you’ll join us for it, and be inspired along with us. Check out the trailer below, and buy your ticket now.

By aigacharlotte
Published January 31, 2012