Photo Recap: Libations & Donations 2017

And just like that, it’s time for another Donations & Libations recap. While many of the aspects of our Annual Donations & Libations fundraiser stayed the same, we decided that this year, we’d change it up a bit. What kind of changes did we make, you ask? This year we raised money for the AIGA Design Continuum Fund, which was created to help support local creatives who wish to pursue higher education in design. And the best part? We raised over $600!

If you weren’t able to make it out to this year’s fabulous soiree, then these amazing photos (yeah right) Will have to do! Enjoy this festive recap.

Welcome to our recap!

This is a picture of some of our fabulous board members getting people to put on their name tags before they get a drink. That’s how we do it at AIGA!

A few AIGA Board Members mingling amongst themselves.

Spoiler alert! When you have to use the flash in a dark room people will close their eyes.

It’s common knowledge if you get all dressed up, you have to get someone to take your picture.

One person in this picture is more festive than the others.

It was a packed house! Mingle all the way!

When having your picture taken, always cheers the camera.

There is entirely too much flannel in this picture. Or is there such a thing?

And apparently, these two didn’t get the memo that it wasn’t a tacky sweater party.


And that’s a wrap!

So if this blog post doesn’t give you all the holiday feels, then we don’t know what will! From all of us at AIGA we would like to wish all of you a wonderful holiday season!

Special thank you to Tyber Creek Pub for allowing us to use their upstairs once again. And to everyone who came out and donated, thank’s for making this year’s Donations and Libations Holiday Party a success!

By aigacharlotte
Published December 13, 2017