Photo Recap: Design Disruptors Movie Night

This past Wednesday, AIGA Charlotte took over the NASCAR Hall of Fame’s Legends Room for a SOLD OUT screening of Design Disruptors, a feature-length documentary about the transformative power of design.¬†The film gave us a never-before-seen perspective on how companies like MailChimp, Airbnb and Facebook approach design and how their choices have led to their success.

Although we can’t recreate the smell of buttery popcorn popping in an old-fashioned popcorn cart (yes, we had one) here’s a photo recap of the night:

DSC_0328Don’t forget your name tag.


A big thank you to the NASCAR Hall of Fame for being wonderful hosts.

Disruptors_LuzziPhoto-05Eager crowd members anxiously awaiting the start of the film.

DSC_0345All smiles while waiting on the drinks of their choice.

Disruptors_LuzziPhoto-06Proof of old-fashion popcorn machine.

Disruptors_LuzziPhoto-14Opening remarks from AIGA President Bree Basham.

DSC_0363The feature presentation begins.

Disruptors_LuzziPhoto-16Standing room only? Or I’d rather stand?


Throughout the film, we heard from many talented designers including¬†Accel Ventures’ Jason Mayden, who said:

“The word disruption, to me, is confidence in action. When you see true disruptors, they’re people that are fearless. They’re people that are not afraid to walk out in front of an audience and say ‘I do not have the answer, but I am not going to quit until I find it.’ Disruption, I would say, is the byproduct of improvisation. When you do something different. When you follow your gut. You try to zig when everyone else zags. By sheer nature of momentum you move in a direction where other people aren’t looking and create what we call a ‘wave’. A wave of opportunities, a wave of impact and interest and new and different ways people never thought could exist.”

Disruptors_LuzziPhoto-19Post-movie conversations.


And that’s a rap. Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed one of the first screenings of InVision’s Design Disruptors.

Sad you missed it? You can find more information and view the trailers here.

By aigacharlotte
Published September 1, 2016