Membership Spotlight :: Brion Blais


What’s your proudest accomplishment?
Leaving the corporate workplace and starting my own business (Speedpro Imaging Charlotte Center) here in Charlotte in 2009. This start-up process is similar to what I did in my prior occupation with one important exception: there were no corporate resources available for support. Even so, we have done well and while it is challenging, it has been very gratifying. The best part of today’s experience is that we are growing, building a fine reputation, and serving our clients with top quality service. It is a thrill watching our company becoming “the vision”, providing good jobs for my team, and exceeding the needs of our clients.

How and why did you get involved with AIGA? Approximately how long have you been involved with the organization?
My business brought me to AIGA. Speedpro serves the creative community by taking its members’ great ideas and designs, and then creating the compelling wide format imagery that drives action. One of my agency clients suggested I check AIGA out, since he felt there was a need for our higher quality in the market. After visiting just one event, I joined last fall. Kevin Brindley and Rachel Martin were both very helpful in describing AIGA member benefits. While I haven’t a creative bone in my body, this organization provides me connections with, and an understanding of, those we serve. In just a short time, I have met some wonderful people and learned a lot about our marketing and design community.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Love God without reservation, love the other person more than myself, and be grateful in all things. Then, we can make a greater and more positive impact on our environments.

What’s your secret talent (big or small, silly or serious)?
Well, it’s not a complete secret, and it’s presumptuous to call it “talent”, but I play the drums as a hobby. For 13 years, I played with a group at our church. We were good enough to be asked to do weddings and other events (I actually got paid once!). My schedule has been overbooked with other priorities, but occasionally I sneak back to the kit. I don’t think I will ever give it up completely, but for now, it remains a hidden hobby.

What’s one goal (professional or personal) you have for the future?
To see Speedpro Charlotte Center continue its rapid growth. We want to be recognized  as THE highest quality, affordable wide format resource across the southeast region. It is very cool to have our design clients see the final product of their creative work and say, “Wow! That is AMAZING!” I encourage you to stop by and learn more.


About AIGA Charlotte’s Member Spotlight
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By aigacharlotte
Published May 29, 2012