Member Spotlight: Ngoc Le

Meet Ngoc Le.

In his own words: The Americanized version of my name is pronounced “knock”. I love to SK8 & CR8 and am working to be able to do more of both of those things in the near future. After receiving my Commercial Art certification at Pinellas Technical, in St. Petersburg FL, I began working as a graphic designer. Although I’m getting a late start, I’m currently enrolled at CPCC in the Advertising and Graphic Design program to earn my AAS degree. Better late than never! As the saying goes, “life doesn’t start until after 40, everything before that is just research”.

Ngoc has been an AIGA member for a year.


Where are you from?

I grew up in St. Petersburg, FL, after my family moved here from Vietnam when I was a year old. I’ve been in Charlotte for five years now (my wife was born here so she is one of those rare Charlotteans you here about).

What attracted you to the design profession? Did you have particular mentors or experiences that opened the door to the profession for you?

I have always loved to draw whatever imaginative things come out of my mind. I occasionally create paintings, murals, and other mixed media pieces as well. I decided to get into graphic design knowing that I could mix the two elements of using pens and computers and take my artwork to another level using digital software and making it easier to manipulate and change things at the push of a button.

What’s your proudest accomplishment?

Some of my greatest accomplishments (besides still being alive) would be my family–my beautiful wife, our daughter Stella, and my son Chance. I am also currently earning my AAS degree at CPCC for Advertising and Graphic Design.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from life and nature, but I like to portray them through my own unique vision and style of art. I love to draw images within images and just go with the flow of whatever comes out of the pen. Many times I’ll start off drawing an eye and the lines that they create help create the next lines and the journey into the unknown continues from there.

How and why did you get involved with AIGA? Approximately how long have you been involved with the organization?

I have been a member of AIGA Charlotte for a year now. I decided to get involved so I could network and meet other creatives in the field while enjoying all the great benefits that AIGA have to offer. Since I joined, I have participated in the mentorship program and was fortunate to have the Senior Vice President/Creative Director from (LGA) Luquire George Andrews Ad Agency, Todd Aldridge, as a mentor. I’ve also created a skateboard art piece for Industry Coworking’s new space, enjoyed an inspirational talk from Don Clark of Invisible Creature, and most recently entered in the Beer & Branding design competition.


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By aigacharlotte
Published November 26, 2018