Kyle Durrie and The Moveable Type Truck


AIGA Charlotte presents Letterpress Fest, a week dedicated to an old fashioned tradition that’s never gone out of style. From traveling workshops to nationally regarded speakers, we’re rolling it all out for letterpress.

Kyle Durrie’s Moveable Type Truck began as a crazy idea on Kickstarter. Kyle, fueled by her love of letterpress and the desire to travel, raised seventeen thousand dollars to convert an old delivery truck into a travelling letterpress machine. The small but fully functional shop in the back of the truck has been all over the country, from Portland to Chicago, Brooklyn to Austin, Texas, and soon it will be parking and printing right here in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The purpose of the Moveable Type Truck is to educate and excite people about the possibilities of letterpress. Kyle has put on workshop in schools, art spaces, music festivals, and craft shows, any place with creative people excited to produce work with their hands. The workshops are set up so that people without experience in letterpress can come in and learn how the process works. You’ll learn the basics of setting type, composing a form, setting up on-press, inking, and printing. At the end, you’ll walk away with a set of cards you designed and printed yourself.

We’re lucky enough to have Kyle here in town for multiple days. She’ll be putting on three 2.5 hour workshops at k2forma. Space for these workshops is extremely limited—there’s only five spots per workshop—and registration will be open to the public, so plan on registering early. Registration opens on Monday, January 16. 

Check out the video below to see Kyle and her mobile printshop in action in San Diego last Summer. 

By aigacharlotte
Published January 4, 2012