Introducing AIGA Charlotte’s Newest Board Members

That’s right. There’s definitely some talented new faces on your 2013-14 AIGA Charlotte Board. Today you’ll learn a little a bit about them—plus, now you’ll know their faces, so you can come right on up and say hello to them at our next event.

Mark Iafrate

Name: Mark Iafrate

Board Position: Membership Director

Day Job: Creative Director at Punch Technologies, Inc.

Sneaky Skill: Homebrewing

Primary AIGA Aim for 2103-14: Continue to add quality members to Charlotte’s AIGA chapter and help grow the local creative community.


Social: @markiafrate, LinkedIn
Melvin Nix

Name: Melvin D. Nix

Board Position: Visual Content Generation Manager

Day Job: Motion Graphics Designer/Commercial Producer

Sneaky Skill: I’m a technician who can fix electronics.

Primary AIGA Aim for 2013-14: To assist the chapter with developing high-end video content that will be used to educate, inform and enlighten the community about AIGA Charlotte and the chapter’s efforts.


Social: @melvinnix
Bree Basham

Name: Bree Basham

Board Position: Director of Communications

Day Job: Creative Director at CRAFTED.

Sneaky Skill: I can identify any wine varietal, simply on sight, from 20 yards away.

Primary AIGA Aim for 2013-14: Simplify the communications strategy.


Social: FacebookPinterestLinkedIn
Justin Moore

Name: Justin Moore

Board Position: Education Director

Day Job: Owner, Creative Director, Accountant, Secretary, Designer, Photographer and Janitor at Sublmnl Design

Sneaky Skill: I can read/speak backwards fluently. Or, if you prefer, “I nac daer/kaeps sdrawkcab yltneulf.”

Primary AIGA Aim for 2013-14: To get more of a presence for AIGA in the local colleges, as well as, getting into the K-12 level (primarily High School students) and let them know that the design industry is a viable career. As a part of that, with the college students, I want to get the students to feel welcome at “professional” industry events, and bridge the gap between students and professionals.


Social:  @sublmnldesign, @jmooredsgns, Facebook
Megan Skelton

Name: Megan Skelton

Board Position: Director of Programming

Day Job: Senior Art Director at Mythic

Sneaky Skill: Super keen directional sense

Primary AIGA Aim for 2013-14: Create events that help build relationships and promote professional in the Charlotte design community.


Social: Pinterest, LinkedIn
Megan Dobrusin

Name: Megan Dobrusin

Board Position: Programming Manager

Day Job: Graphic Designer at American Forest Management

Sneaky Skill: I can aim and squirt water between my two front teeth, so watch out!

Primary AIGA Aim for 2013-14: To encourage and successfully have my friends and coworkers to join AIGA as members, as well as attend the majority of events.


Social: @megdobs, Facebook, Instagram

Ryan Hollingsworth
Name: Ryan Hollingsworth

Board Position: Programming Manager

Day Job: Lead Designer and Communications Director at Elevation Church

Sneaky Skill: Making a killer mixtape.

Primary AIGA Aim for 2013-14: To help oversee consistent, excellent and memorable events for our chapter and design community.


Social: @ryansworthInstagram

By aigacharlotte
Published September 17, 2013
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