Guest Blog: Tattoo Projects Event Recap

As soon as we stepped in the door we were greeted with a warm welcome from the dog of Tattoo Projects, Gunner, who can be found roaming around the studio. Next we noticed a punching bag, which we were told many of the guys like to punch while leaving the office. Tattoo Projects’ Shannon and Jessica showed us around the studio, which was extremely nice and had an eclectic feel. Right when we walked in, there is a huge chalk wall with graffiti written all over it. The office also had exposed brick walls and wooden beams. Further on the tour we found a pool table in the middle of the studio, right next to arcade game and a motorcycle, which the owner prefers to work on in the studio.

Next, Shannon and Jessica showed us a lot of work which included clients like Sheetz, Remington, Para USA, Hoover, and even a company called ScooperDude. They said they use old school boards when presenting to clients. Sometimes they even use story boards and have to act it out…just another way to keep themselves on their toes. We also got to watch some of the commercials they’ve done as they answered questions about music selection, how they find the actors for their commercials, and more. The evening ended with more questions answered, a group photo, and some Tattoo Projects t-shirt freebies.

all photos by: Virginia Faircloth


About our guest blogger: Megan Dobrusin is from Baltimore, MD and has been living in Charlotte for three years. Although she graduated from James Madison University in 2009, she is currently finishing up a Portfolio class at CPCC and does freelance design work on the side. Megan and her husband just moved into their first house in Plaza Midwood and love it. When Megan isn’t designing, she loves to play volleyball, eat chocolate, watch the Ravens and Orioles, travel, and spend time with her husband and their dog.

By aigacharlotte
Published October 25, 2012