Guest Blog: Creative Swapper

Jon Bergmann, an AIGA West Michigan member, contacted AIGA Charlotte to tell us about a cool project he is trying to get off the ground. Check it out.


Have you ever wanted to change jobs but didn’t want to give up the security of your long-term employment? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Some call us fence sitters, but we are not indecisive or uncommitted. We know what we want and it happens to be the best of both worlds—the security and accomplishments of your long-term employment and the ability to gain experience and learn new ideas and skills. That’s where Creative Swapper comes in. It’s a way for creatives to gain those new ideas, skills, and perspectives by temporarily trading places with someone else in the creative industry.


How it works

1. Sign up and create your profile

Do you need to push your creative reset button? Or maybe you’d like to temporarily exchange your designer for an illustrator? Tell us a little about your company, yourself and your work.


2. Find your perfect match
You know that movie, “The Parent Trap”? It’s kinda like that except that the person you’re swapping with doesn’t necessarily look anything like you, your parents aren’t really involved and you probably won’t be engaging in any comedic trickery. (But who’s to say for sure?)

3. Shake virtual hands and swap places
Our magic lawyers use their wizardry to write up a simple agreement that covers swap parameters and legal stuff. You sign it, they sign it, we sign it and bing, bang, boom you’re ready to make the switch and get to work.

But wait, there’s a problem. Creative Swapper doesn’t exist yet. We’re in the process of raising money to fund Creative Swapper through Indiegogo. Our goal is to create a simple profile-based website where creatives can connect and start swappin’. I hope you’ll check out the campaign, learn more about Creative Swapper and hopefully get involved. We really appreciate your support.
General comments or questions:
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About our guest blogger
Jon Bergmann is a graphic designer from the third coast. He graduated from Ferris State University and works at Concept A, a small design studio in Grand Haven, MI. He believes good design makes life better and good root beer is more sassafras than vanilla.

By aigacharlotte
Published January 30, 2013