How to Network When You Can’t Do It In Person
Great! You’ve just graduated from college. Or you’re already in the design business and wanting to make a career move. Your portfolio’s ready and your resume’s polished. You’ve even got a LinkedIn profile, and hopefully an Instagram and Twitter account. Now what? In the past, you would have headed to in-person professional design or advertising events to meet people in the business. Maybe asked agency or in-house directors to meet you for coffee, do an informational interview, or review your portfolio. Or you showed up at happy hour gatherings to exchange business cards. In light of COVID-19, much of that has changed. How can you make an impactful virtual impression? Particularly through a video chat or phone call? Or, by way of online branding and social content? What if you’re planning to move to another city or out of state, and you can’t travel there yet? How will you get the process started? Meet a handful of creatives across the country who’ve found ways to network and connect in this new normal. Bring your burning questions and we’ll help you make it happen!
When & Where
Wed, Jul 8, 2020 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT