Road to 150 with French Paper Company

As French Paper approaches their 150th anniversary they have started to gather and reflect on past printed materials and promotional items. Seeing everything together, they knew this collection was too cool to keep to themselves and that they had to bring the collection back to the people that made it all possible. With that, The French Paper Road to 150 Tour was born. An exhibit made up of 30 plus years of historical items will be traveling around the country, piloted by the French family themselves. City by city, the Road to 150 Tour will bring new meaning to the term work and turn.

The design and print communities are truly the reason that French Paper is able to reach this goal, so French Paper is dedicated to taking this tour as far and wide as possible. Brian French will be captaining the Road to 150 van on its voyage to bring 30+ years of French Paper history to your town.

Learn more about French Paper and their vibrant history.

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