BuzZ October: Designer vs. Art Director: What Species Are You?

Conversations over coffee

Look into your career crystal ball and read your future business card. What does it say after your name... Designer, Art Director or something else? What do you want it to say? In our business there is an expanding array of creative roles that, at this point, you might fall into. We are all in the business of "visual communications", but under that umbrella it gets a little murky. And while titles suck because they promote stereotyping, they exist for some pretty valid reasons and absolutely will have an impact on your career path.

Join Mark Conachan, VP and Creative Director at Saturday Brand Communications, in a discussion about who are Creative Directors, Art Directors, Design Directors, Designers and the roles that define each title. Who knows, at the end you may discover what species you are.


About BuzZ
AIGA Charlotte BuzZ is a meet-up event geared toward Charlotte area creatives and small business owners/employees. Please come join us for coffee as we discuss a different topic each month. Come to learn or come to share the knowledge you already have. Either way, just come see what all the BuzZ is all about.

When & Where
Wed, Oct 3, 2012 7:15 AM - 8:30 AM EDT
Spoke Easy
2923 S Tryon Street
Suite 250
Charlotte, NC 28203