9th Annual Mentor Matchup Kickoff Event

Potential Mentees:

Do you wish you had insight into what design professionals really think of your work? Ever wonder what a “real” design firm looks like? Curious about what you’ll actually be doing when you graduate? Interested in knowing how exactly you bring a project to life? Learn all of this and more (think—tips, tricks, and sage wisdom) over five months with the help of your very own design mentor/magician.

Potential Mentors:

Are you still cringing over the professional mistakes you made as a recent grad? Ever find yourself wishing you knew in college what you know now? Have you come to realize most of your mistakes could have been avoided with the help of a mentor? Interested in being that guiding light for someone else? Through Mentor Matchup, you will not only be given the opportunity to make a direct impact in the career of an up-and-coming designer, you will also gain invaluable mentorship and managerial skills that will benefit your own career. Plus, it makes you feel good.

Now accepting applications for mentors (Professionals) and mentees (Student Members and Associate Members) for Fall 2018-Spring 2019. Once mentors and mentees have applied, our board will match you based on your interests and desired career path. At this kickoff event, you’ll meet your mentor/mentee, hear great ideas for how to start your partnership, and the specifics of the program itself. Attendance is mandatory.

Membership Level RSVP Online
Student Member $15
Student Non-Member $25
Mentors Free
When & Where
Mon, Nov 30, -0001