CoLearning Community Launch Event – Live Panel + Vision Lab

Welcome to StudeoCo: Charlotte’s CoLearning Community
Studeo – Latin: I dedicate myself (to), direct my efforts or attention (to), strive after.

Co – A place to Connect, Collaborate and CoLearn.

We are striving to build your life, career and learning discovery space.

We believe that your mindset, skills and relationships are your future equity, and that lifelong learning is the new career requirement.

About This Series:

This event series is our first step in creating a learning environment for people of all backgrounds, experiences and ages who may be feeling stuck in their careers. We are creating a community of support where you can learn the tools, habits and methods for getting unstuck and charting your path forward. It will be a place to explore your curiosity and learn more broadly. It will be an environment to create new friendships and foster a more diverse peer network in which we all can help and learn from each other. And we will give space to share the stories of those that have decided to make a change to inspire us to do the same.

But first, it starts with a choice. A choice to make a change. A choice to step outside your comfort zone. A choice to show up.

We hope you join us and help build Charlotte’s new colearning community.

Launch Event:

StudeoCo’s first event will be a live panel and vision lab. Panel guests will share their stories of purpose, learning and work. Each have unique career journeys and are actively pursuing their purpose in and out of the workplace. Our guests include:

Tori Stevens – Educational Leader, Corporate HR, Professional Coach and Speaker

“Tori craves closing the gap between retention and talent development which occurs when the focus is on developing people rather than chasing achievement.”

Alyssa Conner – Full-Time Pharmacist, Community Servant, Side Hustling Entrepreneur

“Alyssa’s personal mission is to inspire others to positively impact their community and to help people realize even the smallest contributions make a difference.”

Perrine DeShield – Retail and Marketing Specialist, Fashion Guru, Podcaster

“Perrine enjoys educating others while expressing herself through style, loves all things creative, networking and sharing her resources.”

Our guests will then help in facilitating the vision lab. We will organize into small groups to more intimately get know each other and begin to cocreate the future of this community.

First, we want to hear WHY you chose to attend as well as what you need, want and would value from this new community.

Second, we want to hear WHAT sorts of topics you would benefit the most from learning together. We will have a suggested a list of topics that we may explore but would like you to help lead the brainstorming.

Lastly, we want to hear HOW you want to learn together. Again, we have some plans that will be shared but you will influence how we approach what we do moving forward.

These will not be pop up classes nor your stereotypical networking events. Our goal is to create an ongoing, collaborative and connected learning community to help each other grow, level up and achieve more in our lives and careers.

Our story begins on April 30th, 2019.

Stay curious and welcome to the start of your journey at StudeoCo.

About Your Host:

Like all of you, I am someone simply trying to figure it all out. I’ve felt stuck in my career before, and I know I’ll feel stuck again. It is when I rediscovered my passion for real learning (not that of traditional education) that I saw my growth potential unlock like never before. I’m a learning enthusiast with a passion for adventure and sharing meaningful experiences with others. My hope is that this community is just the start of building a more connected, more agile, more curious and more purpose led Charlotte.

Michael Stallsmith

20% of event fees will be donated to READ Charlotte.

And for those that attend, you will gain access to our online community that will help us to stay connected between events, foster ongoing discussions and become our always on playground for learning, thinking and sharing.

Visit to learn more about what we’re building.

When & Where
Tue, Apr 30, 2019 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
The People’s Market
1315 East Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28203