Design for Social Justice

AIGA and the entire design community are deeply hurt and saddened when fissures in society erupt in bias, hate, and violence as they did this week in a series of tragic shootings. Equally distressing is the pattern these shootings represent. Designers by nature, instinct, and training are committed to enhancing understanding and empathy through their talents, and are motivated by the opportunity to enhance the human experience. We believe in respect for the individual and social justice for communities, and our hearts go out to the families and friends of those who lost their lives this week. We stand against violence targeted toward any community—and we recognize that African-Americans have had to bear a significant portion of this burden.

Leaders from all sides are responding by calling for reconciliation and healing. As a profession, we must use our unique talents to continually strengthen and serve our diverse society. This tragedy not only calls on us as creative professionals, but also as citizens of a remarkable, multicultural world who are capable of making the complex issues clear and facilitating dialogues to generate empathy. We at AIGA are committed to social justice and equity for all.

—AIGA Charlotte

Thank you to AIGA member, Chris Cureton, for sharing his inspirational artwork with us.
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AIGA Charlotte wants to help promote respect, love and social justice in support of our wonderful city. We’re selling (black, Next Level 6210) t-shirts for $18 + $5 flat rate shipping and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Southern Coalition for Social Justice.

shirtShirt designed by AIGA Charlotte member Chris Cureton

Design for Social Justice Shirt

Spread the word, make a difference.

By AIGA Charlotte
Published September 23, 2016