Beer & Branding: Showcase

If you attended AIGA Charlotte’s 3rd Annual Beer & Branding Showcase, you already know it was a rousing success. This year we saw more designers and brewers come together to collaborate, which made for a strong gallery of creative work and a multitude of home-brewed beers. You obviously missed out if you didn’t attend, but have no fear: AIGA Charlotte’s looking out for you. We’ve compiled all of this year’s design submissions for your perusal. (However, if you want to enjoy a beer during your viewing, that’s entirely on you.)

Spinning Jenny | Grapefruit Grisette
Designed by Advent Coworking
Brewed by Chris Rabeau

Bad Mother Pucker | Imperial Witbier
Designed by Anna Prushinski
Brewed by Ken Miles

Smokey Groove | Belgian Wit Ale
Designed by Ashley Bennett
Brewed by David Jones

Grapefruit Getaway | Smoked Amber Ale
Designed by Atypic
Brewed by Jen Blair

Ruby Rose | Grapefruit Rye IPA
Designed by Clay Boan
Brewed by Robert Moreland

Dreamsicle | Cream Ale
Designed by Genevieve Nalls
Brewed by Brent Stiles

Snaq Paq
Designed by Jeremy Rivers
Brewed by Steve Hanmer

The Craft Man Grapefruit Brew
Designed by Jessie Diebolt and Giselle Hernandez
Brewed by Thad Mitchell

Ruby Red Rye | Grapefruit Rye
Designed by John Fuller
Brewed by Lisa Johnson

Ruby Red Rye | Rye Pale Ale
Designed by Karla Holland
Brewed by Lisa Johnson

Electric Automopeel | Cream Ale
Designed by Kristin Moore and Karley Reed
Brewed by Jen McCarthy

Bad Mother Pucker | Imperial Witbier
Designed by Marshal Zalewski
Brewed by Ken Miles

Paradisi Monk | Trappist Beer
Designed by Michael Thompson
Brewed by Joe Domm

Nonna Says | Saison
Designed by Miranda Davis and Sara Custer
Brewed by Roberta Hofmeister

What’s Wheating Gilbert Grapefruit | American Wheat
Designed by Morgan Evans
Brewed by Gino Corbetti

Unplugged Hefeweizen
Designed by Reita Fisher
Brewed by Austin Osborne-Newman

Unplugged Hefeweizen
Designed by Rick Hoffarth
Brewed by Austin Osborne-Newman

Hopsicle | Cream Ale
Designed by Scott Childs
Brewed by Brent Stiles

Groovy Red Ruby | Honey Grapefruit American Wheat
Designed by Tatiana Rice and Reagan Martin
Brewed by Rachelle Corson-Webber

Shaddocks | Smoked Grapefruit Pale Ale
Designed by Tattoo Project Interns
Brewed by Daan Muller

Squeezed | Grapefruit Pale Ale
Designed by The South Agency
Brewed by Brad O’Connor and Alex Ferraro

Ruby Red Grapefruit | IPA
Designed by Tony Alvarez
Brewed by Robert Moreland

Hey Fork | Saison
Designed by Wells Fargo
Brewed by Bill Lynch

Pass the Chips | Grapefruit Salsa IPA
Designed by Willow & Peabody
Brewed by Jereme Lukoskie

Red Wolf | IPA
Designed by Joseph Hein
Brewed by Pinkee Parsons

Green Monkey | Grapefruit Gose
Designed by Nick Signet and Maribeth Kiser
Brewed by Chris Bazzle

Ruby’s | Grapefruit-Honey American Brown Ale
Designed by Alyssa Baker and Sandi Deitrich
Brewed by Rob Adams

By AIGA Charlotte
Published October 20, 2016