Beer & Branding 2017: Showcase

This year was AIGA Charlotte’s 4th Annual Beer & Branding Showcase and once again both brewers and designers killed it! Every year we see more designers and brewers come together to collaborate to create stunning portfolio pieces and a multitude of savory home-brewed beers. And each year it just keeps getting better and better! If you weren’t able to make, that’s okay because AIGA Charlotte is always looking out for you. We’ve compiled all of this year’s design submissions for your viewing pleasure, perusal, minus the amazing home-brews. (Suggestion to our readers: you should probably drink a beer during your viewing to really get the full effect.) ENJOY!


This year’s secret ingredient: CHOCOLATE

Total Eclipse of the Saisun | Chocolate Orange Saison
Designed by Amber Thompson, Reagan Martin & Tatiana Rice
Brewed by Clayton Logan

Better Choco late Than Never | Pale Ale
Designed by Ngoc Le
Brewed by Steve Hanmer

Nilla Puddin’ | Chocolate Vanilla Stout
Designed by Ashley Morgan
Brewed by Darran Tucker

Tootsie Blonde Stout | Blonde Stout
Designed by Tony Alverez
Brewed by Jen Blair

Dejabrew | Chocolate Orange Milk Stout
Designed by Mitchel Phillips, Rachel Spoon & Brooke Fulcher
Brewed by Hugh Reynolds

Dog Park Blonde | Blonde Ale
Designed by Ben Ullman
Brewed by Trish Lockhart

Milds Davis | Dark English Mild
Designed by Jen Cousar
Brewed by Scott Graham

Sweet Charlie | Strawberry Chocolate Saison
Designed by Libby Portis
Brewed by Chance Cook

A Storm Blown From Paradise | IPA
Designed by Sarah Custer
Brewed by Ian Larson

A Storm Blow From Paradise | Smores IPA
Designed by Tyler Neal
Brewed by Ian Larson

Orchard Raider | Orange Chocolate Stout
Designed by Kristin Moore & Karley Reed
Brewed by Robert Moreland

Born to be Mild | British Dark Mild Brewed with Vanilla and Cocoa Nibs
Designed by Reita Fisher
Brewed by Noah Sweet

Far Out Stout | Chocolate Stout
Designed by Chandler Field
Brewed by Mark Will

Born to Be Mild | British Dark Mild Brewed with Vanilla and Cocoa Nibs
Designed by Tanja Davis
Brewed by Noah Sweet

CocoBlanca | Blonde Stout
Designed by Morgan Evans
Brewed by Elliot Antal

Bittersweet Symphony | Kentucky Common
Designed by Robert McCaskill & Stephanie Hudson
Brewed by Johnathan Putnam

Syke | Orange Chocolate Munich Helles
Designed by Jacqueline Faassen

Cocao-ie Wowie | Tropical Chocolate Blonde
Designed by Taylor Benton
Brewed by Matthew Gilbride

Orange Ya Glad | Cocoa Oat Mandarin Session Pale Ale
Designed by Anna Rissanen & Laura Lum
Brewed by Bethany Burr

Inchocnito | Chocolate Blonde Ale
Designed by Emma Whitehead
Brewed by Elliott Antal

Chocoal | Smoked Oat Chocolate Brown Ale
Designed by Hillary Bratton
Brewed by Austin Osborne-Newman

Black Satin | English Dark Mild
Designed by Savannah Camper
Brewed by Scott Graham

Black Forest Cake Stout | Schwarzwalder Kirschotorte Cream Stout
Designed by Concentric Team
Brewed by Bill Lynch

Chantico’s Flame | Chocolate, Vanilla and Cinnamon Imperial Stout
Designed by John Andrews, Victor Tran & Justin Horne
Brewed by Jim Pence

Schwarzwald | Schwarzbier Brewed with Cherries & Cocoa Nibs
Designed by Nick Signet
Brewed by Joe Domm

WB | Milk Choclate Markzen
Designed by Rick Hoffarth
Brewed by Mark Whitehead

You Were Mint For Me | Mint Chocolate Cream Ale
Designed by Kristin Jordan & Anna Pushinski
Brewed by Jeff Kugler

The Porter Viglante | Chocolate Porter
Designed by Robyne Pomroy
Brewed by Art Tucker

Pure Imagination | Meso Chocolate Cashew 
Designed by Scott Brinkley & Daniel Brenneman
Brewed by Chris Bazzel

Schwarzwald | Black Cherry Chocolate Schwarzbier
Designed by Shannon Brockley
Brewed by Joe Domm

The Stout Rabbit | Chocolate Cherry Stout
Designed by Andrew & Sarah Chipley
Brewed by Brad O’Connor

Total Eclipse of the Saison | Chocolate Orange Saison
Designed by Reed Reibstein
Brewed by Clayton Logan

By aigacharlotte
Published September 15, 2017