ArtWorks 945

If you attended AIGA Charlotte and AAF Charlotte’s joint holiday party, you heard that our suggested donation this year went to support ArtWorks 945, a studio of local Charlotte artists who struggle with homelessness. 

Below you’ll find pictures of work by ArtWorks 945 artists and more information about why they do what they do. 

Pics: ArtWorks 945

ArtWorks 945 recognizes the dignity and value of people who are homeless, and enables them to share their message through art, while creating a community and a support structure that helps these individuals overcome their challenges. It also provides new and meaningful ways for the larger community to work together with, not for, the homeless.

Pics: My Indie Charlotte

In creating a bridge between vastly different cultural and social segments of our society, ArtWorks 945 highlights the commonality of the human experience. As artists, our participants find ways to reconnect with and contribute to society.

Pics: Crossroads Charlotte

Public art, poetry, spoken word, pottery, photography, acting, sewing, painting, drawing, art appreciation and culture are all integral components of the ArtWorks 945 program. Lead a workshop, participate in a class, or just come visit, work in, and simply enjoy our studio.  ArtWorks 945 is a community resource for everyone.

Interested in becoming more involved? A simple way to start is by donating supplies. You can also follow ArtWorks 945 on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about upcoming events by the organization and its artists. 

By aigacharlotte
Published December 7, 2011