AIGA Charlotte Member Spotlight: Steven Fisher

This month’s member spotlight is special because the man affectionately known as “Fish” has recently transitioned into a board position with our local AIGA chapter. Upon relocating to Charlotte last year, Fish joined AIGA shortly thereafter in March and by November he had been tabbed our Communications Coordinator. He is currently the Art Director at Powell & Partners Creative.

Where are you from?
From the land of the Buckeyes, Honda, Scotts Lawn Company and long cold, gray winters: Marysville, Ohio.

Where do you get your inspiration?
The breeze, crackling sounds and burning embers of fires, coffee stains, music, ambient noise, light refractions, food, smells, textures, dreams and the perpetual need to feed the beast of curiosity and to make a difference. One thing I do not do too much is pour through books to see what other people are doing… I like to make the exploration of ideas a little more interesting. Most of the time, however, truly great and defining moments of inspiration come while mowing the lawn.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
I would like to attempt cooking. Wait — I did! I needed a break from advertising/design/art directing, etc., and I really enjoyed cooking anyway so one thing led to another. Cooking is just an edible canvas as opposed to a visual canvas. I worked stages (for free) in a wide variety of kitchens throughout the Chicagoland area while trying to get full-time employment as a cook. My first job was a prep cook for “9” restaurant in Chicago and I quickly worked my way up to Saucier’s Apprentice (makes sauces, soups, braises, dips, etc.) and to Saucier. I also had the opportunity, very early in my cooking career, to cook at the famed James Beard House in NYC with Gary Danko at his Best Chef dinner. I worked on other restaurants in Chicago, Ireland and in Ohio before getting back into the creative, design and advertising game. Of course, I would not be too surprised that if you ran into me sometime in the future I was a chef/cook at my own business.

What’s one goal you have for the future?
To be teaching on-line creative thinking/art/design courses while traveling around the USA with my wife in our RV.  Currently in an MFA program at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, I hope to continue to reach new heights in the creative field and then eventually get into teaching.

What are you currently working on?
At Powell & Partners we are currently working on B2B business marketing and advertising creative. Personally I am, as stated before, working on my MFA in Advertising (Art Direction), and my abstract paintings and exploring ways to let loose the creative energies that continually flow and seek the light of day.

About AIGA Charlotte’s Member Spotlight
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By aigacharlotte
Published January 1, 2013