AIGA Charlotte Member Spotlight: Nalee Thao

As President of the CPCC Advertising & Graphic Design Student Group and an AIGA member since 2011, Nalee is always in pursuit of creative escapades within the design community. Her passion is driven by her insatiable curiosity and desire to learn.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Inspiration comes from all around me. I used to work with school-aged children on a daily basis and their imaginations are what fueled the majority of doodles that reside in my sketchbooks. Currently, I follow other student designers on Instagram, and when they post pictures of their creative process and their finished designs, it makes me want to explore and create even more!

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
I’m not one to brag but I think I’d be a great chef. My creative powers allow me to work magic in the kitchen. From my sharp knife skills to my love of gardening, I’ve got all the right components of a master chef in the making! Although, if I were to become a professional chef I’d probably have to stock up on more band-aids.

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I used to ride motorcycles until I fell off of one not too long ago. Now I have a small scar that warns me about the dangers of riding a bike whenever I climb back on.

What’s your secret talent?
It’s not so much a talent, but I’m pretty good at chess and I’m even better at speed chess.

What’s one goal you have for the future?
As a design student, I’m currently in the process of selecting portfolio pieces and getting my book together. One goal I have for the future would be to secure a job after graduation with an agency where I will not only be able to take on creative challenges, but also continue to grow as a designer.

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By aigacharlotte
Published June 9, 2013