Meet the New and Returning AIGA Charlotte Board Members

Every summer the AIGA Charlotte Board of Directors sees change. While we’re sad to see the dedicated volunteers from the prior year go, that sadness is always tempered by the fresh new faces that step in to take charge. This year we have a ton of new faces and a few that you’re already familiar with. Learn a little about them here, but be sure to say hello in person next time you see them at one of our events.

Bree Basham

Name: Bree Basham
Board Position: President
Day Job: VP of Creative at BOLTGROUP
Sneaky Skill: I can turn water into red wine
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: Beer & Branding
Social: @breeb22

Sandi Deitrich

Name: Sandi Deitrich
Board Position: VP of Communications
Day Job: Graphic Designer at BOLTGROUP
Sneaky Skill: Making up songs to sing to my pets
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: Beer & Branding
Social: @sdeitrich

Ryan Hollingsworth

Name: Ryan Hollingsworth
Board Position: VP of Programming
Day Job: Design + Communications Director, Elevation Church
Sneaky Skill: 6th grade science fair runner-up
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: GUTS
Social: @ryansworth

Name: Bradley Ward
Board Position: Secretary
Day Job: Senior Art Director at Luquire George Andrews
Sneaky Skill: Carpentry
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: The Gauntlet
Social: @bward

Adam Iscrupe

Name: Adam Iscrupe
Board Position: Communications Director
Day Job: Senior Designer at Red Ventures
Sneaky Skill: Making killer cocktails
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: BuzZ
Social: @adamiscrupe

Clare Lucas

Name: Clare Lucas
Board Position: Programming Director
Day Job: Independent Design Consultant/Art Director
Sneaky Skill: Formidable Knowledge of Celebrity Trivia
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: Meet Market
Social: @clarevivaslucas

Name: Todd Aldridge
Board Position: Education Director
Day Job: Senior Vice President, Group Creative Director at Luquire George Andrews
Sneaky Skill: Happiest when i still get to do my own marker comps for pitches
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: Mentor Match-Up
Social: @toddaldridge

Name: Gavan Leatham
Board Position: Membership Director
Day Job: Senior Recruiter at The Creative Group
Sneaky Skill: Poker skills
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: I’d Like to Buy the World a Vitaminwater – Alex Center
Social: @gavanleatham

Name: Keisha Luzzi-Paul
Board Position: Partnership Director
Day Job: Photographer, Designer
Sneaky Skill: Planning awesome day/road trips.
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: The Gauntlet
Social: @luzziphoto

Name: David Ferrise
Board Position: Financial Director
Day Job: Project Manager at CRAFTED
Sneaky Skill: Gives hugs with appropriate pressure for the right length of time
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: GUTS
Social: @david_annthony

Name: Philip Caoile
Board Position: Student Groups Manager
Day Job: Graphic Designer at BOLTGROUP
Sneaky Skill: I am multilingual
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: Screen Printing Workshop with Ink Floyd
Social: @philipcaoile

Justin Mooore

Name: Justin Moore
Board Position: Programming Manager
Day Job: Owner/Creative Director Sublmnl Design
Sneaky Skill: Can read/speak backwards fluently
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: GUTS
Social: @jmooredsgns, @sublmnldesign

Name: Josie Degler
Board Position: Programming Manager
Day Job: Junior Designer at MODE
Fun Fact: My picture was on the KFC bucket
Sneaky Skill: Making killer omelets
Social: @josiedegler

Name: Amy Eggleston
Board Position: Programming Manager
Day Job: Art Director at Midan Marketing
Sneaky Skill: I can be pretty handy with a tool set
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: BuzZ
Social: @_Qberry

Leigh Anne Zeitouni

Name: Leigh Anne Zeitouni
Board Position: Programming Manager
Day Job: Designer at Theory House
Sneaky Skill: I can touch my tongue to my nose
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: Mentor Matchup
Social: @lezeitou

Name: Pam Fernandez
Board Position: Programming Manager
Day Job: Freelance Graphic Designer
Sneaky Skill: Able to read ultra-small text on product labels and packaging without magnifiers
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: The Neuroscience of Touch
Social: LinkedIn

Name: Alyssa Baker
Board Position: Communications Manager
Day Job: Graphic Designer at BOLTgroup
Sneaky Skill: Random handstands
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: Beer & Branding
Social: @alyssagbaker

Name: Trey Paul
Board Position: Managing Editor
Day Job: Writer, Editor, Content Manager
Sneaky Skill: Fantasy Football Legend
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: GUTS
Website: LinkedIn
Social: @TreyWrites

Name: Corinna Kahn
Board Position: Communications Manager
Day Job: Senior Copy Editor at
Sneaky Skill: Jigsaw puzzles
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: GUTS
Social: @corinsta.gram

Name: Katie Hodges
Board Position: Communications Manager
Day Job: Copywriter
Sneaky Skill: Handlettering
Favorite AIGA Charlotte event: Design Disruptors
Social: @creativekatieh

By AIGA Charlotte
Published September 14, 2016
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