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Difference-Making Done Right: Design Lives Here

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January 6, 2014

At AIGA Charlotte, we’re excited to announce our latest and greatest Design for Good initiative: Design Lives Here. Since it’s Design for Good, you know it’s important, and will focus on giving back to the community. In the past, these events (such as our poster shows) have been well-attended, and well-received. However, with Design Lives Here we’re taking it to the next level. Really, we’re planning to turbo-charge the difference-making this time out.

The program will pair nonprofits with teams of Queen City creatives to tackle the nonprofits’ biggest design needs. And really, these teams need to be equipped with AIGA members who possess a wide range of talents: design, illustration, photography, copywriting, and more. Not only will these teams collaborate over a three-month period to produce work for organizations that truly need it, they’ll have a topnotch local advisory board to serve as a creative compass and guiding hand.

But here’s the thing: you’re not done when the project’s done. Your team and the nonprofit you’ve worked with will team up for a case study. That way we can identify what projects had the most impact, and use that knowledge to inform future projects. Really, this is how we measure each project’s true impact.

Both nonprofits and design team members are required to fill out an RFP. This serves the purpose of figuring out the specific needs of the nonprofit, as well as partnering up teams properly. Really, the RFP is the first step. The waiting—for us to call you—will be the hardest part.

To get the full 411, check out our detailed event page. Also, tell all your creative friends. You’ll get to work with some folks you might never have worked with before—and might never work with again. Oh, and there’s the whole giving back to the community aspect, too. Really, this is just a common-sense community collaboration. But making a difference always starts with less talk, and more action. We’re hoping you’ll act by filling out our RFP today.

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